Shared Parenting Bills

Legislators should Support Shared Parenting and Parental Equality

Ohio legislators should support shared parenting and parental equality: Donald Hubin (Opinion) By Guest Columnist/ March 27, 2015 I’m disappointed that Ohio isn’t one of the 17 states across our nation with legislation filed to protect shared parenting and parental equality in instances of divorce or separation. Considering the number […]

Eighteen Shared Parenting Bills Currently in US Legislatures 1

9/27 UPDATE: Missouri came through with a Shared Parenting bill today bringing the new total to 18 states. 9/26 UPDATE: Florida added shared parenting to their alimony reform bill raising the total to 17 states. Its likely we’ll also be adding Wisconsin, and possibly North Carolina.  Leading Women for Shared Parenting announces sixteen seventeen eighteen shared parenting bills […]

National Shared Parenting Organizations Join Forces On ND’s Shared Parenting Ballot Initiative

Four National Shared Parenting Organizations Join Forces On North Dakota’s Shared Parenting For Kids Ballot Initiative North Dakota to include a statutory measure on shared parenting in upcoming November 4, 2014 election LOS ANGELES, July 31, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Today, four national shared parenting organizations—Leading Women for Shared Parenting, Divorce […]

EDITORIAL: MA Custody Proposal Rightly Stresses Time with Both Parents 1

EDITORIAL: Massachusetts custody proposal rightly stresses time with both parents MAY 18, 2014 SLOWLY BUT surely, Massachusetts is reshaping its laws around divorce. First, a task force of experts and advocates prompted a sweeping overhaul of outdated alimony laws. And two years ago, the governor’s office convened a similar committee […]

VIDEO: South Dakota Focus: Shared Parenting

South Dakota Focus: Host Stephanie Rissler sits down with Tom Keller – Family Law Lawyer, Casey Wilson – South Dakota Shared Parenting, Grant Houwman – South Dakota Shared Parenting and Patty Riibe – Lewis & Clark Behavioral Health Services Shared Parenting to talk about Shared Parenting. Articles: Shared Parenting Signed […]