Dads Leaning in at Home, the Silver Bullet

In Georgina Dent’s  Sept 2 “An inconvenient truth & the solution to ‘having it all’ we cannot ignore” she writes:

Having just spent a month immersed in the subject of fathers and caring I cannot overlook the transformational impact of shared parenting not just on gender equality but on the quality of life that men, women and children can enjoy.


Anyone interested in the field of gender equality has likely relied upon the line that there is no single silver bullet to fix the structural problems that perpetuate the gap between men and women. For a long time I believed that. Not anymore. Dads leaning in at home is the silver bullet.


Where there are two parents – even in different households – it is time we actively and relentless focus on sharing the load. It is time we are bold enough to not just imagine a world in which fathers share the care but we start working towards it.


The reality is the majority of Australian dads want to spend more time with their kids. It is time we do everything we can – in our own homes, in workplaces and in parliament – to make that possible.

I agree and add, it applies to dads everywhere.

Father and baby son

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