Shared Parenting News Round-Up

It’s time to align Missouri’s family courts with research by Linda Reutzel, chair of the National Parents Organization of Missouri.

Missouri legislators are considering two proposals encouraging shared parenting when parents divorce or separate: Senate Bill 645 and House Bill 1667

The House bill unanimously passed out of the House Judiciary Committee last week, and after three years of educating legislators about the benefits of shared parenting, including passage of a new state law in 2016, we feel this is the year that a “rebuttable presumption” of equal parenting time can actually be passed into law.  Continued… 

Avoid the woozles and zombies of shared parenting by Michelle Jones, Utah Valley Health & Wellness

Excerpt: What does the research show about the well-being of children of divorce? That shared physical parenting is the best custody determination for children. (This excludes cases of abuse, neglect and parents with no prior relationship.) So why isn’t this the norm in most cases? It is because of woozles and zombies. Woozles are myths and misrepresentations of research that are not supported by evidence, but because they keep being repeated, they are believed to be true.  Read entire article

Shared Parenting bills currently being considered in statehouses across the United States by Leading Women for Shared Parenting


Summary List (pdf)

Dads fight for 50/50 child custody bill by Rachel Droze, Fox Illinois

Some Illinois dads are fighting for equal custody of their children by working to pass an equal parenting bill. If House Bill 4113 were to pass, it’d ask courts to award equal custody after a divorce or separation. Continued…

‘Equal Parenting Time’ Proposal Stirring Debate In Illinois by Daisy Contreras

Excerpt: The proposed changes to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act would start parents off with 50-50 custody of the children involved. Advocates say this will eliminate any preconceived ideas that one parent is better suited for parenting over the other.

Excerpt: Thirty-five other states across the country are also attempting to pass similar proposals this year. Other states, like Kentucky, have a 50-50 parenting law that works on a temporary basis, while final custody arrangements are decided in court.  Read entire article

Kansas bill could change child custody cases by Tom Dempsey

A Kansas State Senate bill making its way through the Kansas legislature could bring a big impact to child custody cases throughout the state.

Senate Bill 257, proposed by State. Sen. Steve Fitzgerald (R-Leavenworth), would grant divorced couples equal custody of their children if an alternative mutual agreement is not reached.  Continued…

Divorcing parents would get equal time with kids by default under Kansas bill by Jonathan Shorman

Excerpt: The Kansas measure, Senate Bill 257, was filed before the legislative session by Sen. Steve Fitzgerald, a Leavenworth Republican who is running for Congress.

Excerpt: The legislation may find bipartisan support: Sen. David Haley, D-Kansas City, said he’s inclined to back it.  Read entire article

Virginia’s opportunity: shared parenting by Christian Paasch

Excerpt: Patroned by Del. Glenn Davis, HB 1351 simply asks family courts — when determining custody or visitation arrangements — to consider whether joint legal and joint physical custody are in the best interests of a child.  Read entire article

NEW BOOK: Co-Parenting from the Inside Out: Voices of Moms and Dads by Karen L. Kristjanson, MSc, MA

Karen L. Kristjanson has brought together real life co-parenting stories that inspire separated parents and help them understand co-parenting better, offering practical tips and tools that directly benefit families.

NEWS: Roland Riemers announces bid for North Dakots secretary of state position, supports Shared Parenting.

NEWS: Dustin Long announced he is running for North Carolina Senate in the 42nd Senatorial District, supports Shared Parenting.

QUOTE: “It’s funny when they say ‘co-parenting’ — that phrase is a little redundant,” Cannon told PEOPLE. “You can’t co-parent, you have to parent, and that’s what we do well because when it comes to our children, we’re selfless individuals — they’re first.” – Nick Cannon on raising his twins with ex Mariah Carey

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