TIME Article on Shared Parenting

The Growing Case for Shared Parenting After Divorce


For decades, there was a widely held belief they should have one home with the primary caretaker, often the mother. But that status quo is changing. Absent some mitigating factor, such as an abusive mom or a mentally ill dad, many experts now agree that kids are happier and healthier when they can “maintain and build on meaningful relationships with both of their parents,” says Michael Lamb, who teaches psychology at the University of Cambridge…

[W]hen it comes to parenting, two minds are better than one. “One might be better for a particular age or a particular kid or a certain type of problem,” explains Linda Nielsen, a psychology professor at Wake Forest University, who has studied custody arrangements…

A 2007 study found that kids who lived with each of their parents at least 35% of the time were less depressed and had fewer health problems and stress-related illnesses than those who lived with just one parent…

lw4sp[S]hared parenting post-divorce is becoming increasingly common. Consider the rise of nesting, in which exes live in the same housing complex so their kids don’t have to move, and activist groups like Leading Women for Shared Parenting. In the past year alone, Missouri and Utah have both passed laws making joint physical custody the default ruling in family courts…

Leading Women 4 Shared Parenting:

Rep. Peggy S. Scott (R) – Minnesota House of Representatives
Rep. Linda Chapa La Via (D) – Illinois House of Representatives
Rep. Monique Davis (D) – Illinois House of Representatives
Rep. Mary Flowers (D) – Illinois House of Representatives
Senator Anne Gobi (D) – Massachusetts Senate
Rep. Colleen Garry (D) – Massachusetts House of Representatives
Rep. Elizabeth Poirier (R) – Massachusetts House of Representatives
Rep. Lisa Villa (D) – Maine House of Representatives
Senator Sylvia Allen (R) – Arizona Senate
Rep. Debra Pearson (R) – Arizona House of Representatives (Ret.)
Delegate Jill P. Carter (D) – Maryland House of Delegates
Marilyn Petitto Devaney (D) – Massachusetts Governors Council
Jill Egizzi – Alderman, Leeland Grove IL, Author “The Book of Love”, PAAOUSA
Dr. Denise Hines – Professor of Psychology, Domestic Violence Expert
Dr. Emily Douglas – Professor of Social Work, Domestic Violence Expert
Dr. Tara Palmatier, Psy. D., M. Sc. – Psychologist, Blogger – A Shrink for Men
Dr. Sandra Arango-Padron – Pediatrician
Terry Gaspard, MSW, LICSW – Professor, Author, Therapist
Lena Green, LCSW – Founder, The Akira Center, Inc.
Karen Wood, LMHC, PC – Owner, Life Counseling Center of Broward
Kristina Gurrero-Sisneroz, Esq. – Family Lawyer, Founding Partner
Amy Sherman, Esq. – Family Lawyer, Founding Partner
Lori Barkus, Esq. – Family Lawyer, Founding Partner
Karen Conti, Esq. – Partner & Media Legal Expert
Selena Lackey, Esq. – Family Lawyer, Founding Partner
Dawn Marcus Stept, Esq. – Attorney at Kids Voice
Jean Lupariello, Esq. – Family Lawyer, Founding Partner
Leslie Loftis, Esq. – General Council, The Hub Dot, Senior Contributor The Federalist
Heidi Crimins, Esq. – Family Lawyer, Founding Partner
Mary Elizabeth Pfeil – Managing Director, Philadelphia Pension Fund
Dorcy (Russell) Pruter – Founder & CEO, Conscious Co-Parenting Institute
Teri Stoddard – Proprietor – Shared Parenting Works
Molly K. Olson – Minneapolis, MN. Founder – Center for Parental Responsibility
Sheila Peltzer – Founder, Kids Need Both Parents
Rachel Alexander – Townhall, Weekly Columnist
Jill Bjerke – Director, Carnegie Regional Library
Carmen M. Colon – Engineer, Author, Career Enhancement Facilitator
Rebekah Bradley – Founder, Strong Stepmom Awareness Campaign
Carleen Wild – South Dakota Shared Parenting
Suzanne Venker – Author, Fox News Contributor
Chawna Jones – Founder, Missing an Angel
Dianna Thompson – Men’s Health Network
Diane Sears – International Men’s Day
Laura Campbell – Founder & CEO, The D Spot, LLC.
Veronica Rose – Ms. Oregon Plus America 2013
Marianne Manko – TV News Anchor

Barbara Kay – Columnist, National Post
Kris Titus – Former Co-President – Canadian Equal Parenting Council
C. Gwendolyn Landolt, Esq. – Founder Real Women of Canada
Dr. Janice Fiamengo – Professor, University of Ottawa
Dr. Christine Giancarlo – Professor, Mount Royal University
Dr. Kiley Hamlin – Canada Research Chair, Developmental Psychology
Mary Lou Ambrogio – VP International Free Press Society
Paulette MacDonald – Board of Directors, Canadian Association for Equality
Lise Bilodeau – Founder, ANCQ
Christine B. Williams – Gatestone Institute, Journalist
Betty Cornelius – Founder, CANGRANDS
Georgialee Lang, Esq. – Practicing Family Law Attorney
Karen Kristjansen M.Sc, M.A. – Founder, Beyond Limits
Tanya LaBuick – Founder, Tanyalabuick.com
Diane Weber Bederman – Chaplain, Author & Blogger

Erin Pizzey – International founder of refuge/refuge movement for victims of domestic violence and author
Dr. Nicola Graham-Kevan – Professor of Psychology, Domestic Violence Expert
Ruth Langford – Manager, Wikivorce
Celia Conrad – Solicitor, Author
Philippa Dolan – Partner, Practicing Family Law Attorney
Alison Bushell – Co-Founder, Child and Family Solutions
Karen Woodall – Founder, Family Separation Clinic, Author

Dr. Hildegund Suenderhauf – Professor Family Law, Lutheran University
Angela Hoffmeyer – Vateraufbruch Fur Kinder, Manager – Two Homes

Ingrid Carlqvist – Journalist & Author, Founder Dispatch International

Dr. Elizabeth Celi – Psychologist & Author, Award winning speaker & media commentator

Shazia Mirza – Program Manager, My Foundation

Marta de Tena – Author, Journalist – Elle Magazine

Phyllis Schlafly, Esq. – Founder, Eagle Forum
Karen DeCrow Esq. – Former President of the National Organization for Women
Rep. Phyllis Pond (R) – Indiana House of Representatives
Barbara Mills – Founder, Sisters in Solidarity

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