What Are Lawmakers Doing About Fatherlessness?

Fatherlessness: What Are Republicans Doing About It?
By Leslie Loftis

dailycallerPoliticians prefer to define problems in a way that makes them fixable, especially if We the People granted politicians more power. While they try to look busy with the easy, fixable problems, they ignore problems — perhaps the real problems — that are hard to solve. Thus, they often seem more concerned with looking like they are fixing things so they can preserve their own position than actually taking on meaningful reform.

This dynamic is responsible for much of the population’s anger and frustration with the establishment that flows freely this election cycle, and fatherlessness is an exceptional example.

The already large and still growing collection of research confirming fathersimportance shows that fatherlessness is a root cause of so many of society’s ills from crime to income inequality to public budgets. Yet the issue does not catch fire with Republicans even as fatherlessness grows.

Part of this is cultural. For example, societal norms have seen a rise in “unformed families,” and cohabitation arrangements are less stable than marital ones. Such cultural problems require cultural fixes, which require long term strategies outside of politics.

However, once a child’s parents split, in the unformed families and in divorce, fatherless often results from court decree. This family law aspect of the problem has political solutions.

We the People might want solutions, but the establishment prefers the status quo.

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