Do You Need a Legal DNA Paternity Test?

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Not sure what type of paternity test you need? There are two types of DNA paternity tests, a Legal DNA Paternity Test, and the type for personal informational use only. To be admissible in court, or usable for other official purposes such as Social Security benefits or health insurance, a DNA paternity test must meet two requirements.

First, the test must be performed by a DNA paternity testing laboratory that is accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), like Paternity Testing Corporation laboratories.

Second, the DNA specimens used in the DNA paternity test must have been collected, shipped and stored in a manner that establishes a good chain of custody for the specimens.

Ideally, a DNA paternity test analyzes DNA specimens from the mother, the child and the alleged father. If the mother is unavailable for DNA testing, we can perform the DNA paternity test without her, but more DNA testing may be necessary.

Your PTC DNA Specimen Collector will check photo IDs, take thumbprints, and take a photo of the individuals being tested. The specimens will then be shipped to PTC Laboratories and stored in a manner that ensures the security of the specimens.

To schedule DNA Paternity Testing contact Teri Stoddard at 925-399-8374 or by email.

If you are in the east San Francisco Bay Area, Teri is offering Mobile Paternity DNA Testing.

Ask Teri about PTC’s All-Inclusive Legal Trio Test Special

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You can order a home kit and collect the DNA specimens yourself. However, if you collect the DNA specimens yourself then there will be no chain of custody for the DNA specimens, and Paternity Testing Corporation will have no way to prove whose DNA specimens they actually are. Because of that, if you collect the DNA specimens yourself, the paternity report from Paternity Testing Corporation will refer only to the first names of the people being DNA tested, and will state that there is no independent verification of the source of the specimens.

The industry only requires DNA testing until a 99% probability of paternity is achieved. Paternity Testing Corporation insists on testing until we achieve at least a 99.99% probability of paternity.

Paternity Testing Corporation DNA Laboratory Accreditations

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