Bismarck Tribune Endorses Measure 6 for Shared Parenting in North Dakota

October 19, 2014 • Tribune editorialnd 6

Yes on 6

Measure 6 deserves to pass — we support a yes vote. To assume either parent is unfit, at the beginning of a child custody case, is the wrong starting point. Presuming instead that both are on equal footing and fit, unless deemed otherwise, is the right course of action.

Both proponents and opponents of the measure will cite studies that support their point of view on why or why not the measure should pass. But compelling evidence for either group’s position is difficult to find.

To assume that one parent is better suited to raise a child than the other based on sexual gender is antiquated and cannot be substantiated. Both parents, when deemed fit, should be considered equal at the onset of any divorce case involving children. Both should be entitled to equal access.


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