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Barbara Kay and Prof. Edward Kruk Demolish Arguments Against Shared Parenting Law

NPO Blog: by Robert Franklin, Esq. Having reported on the overwhelming support for equal  parenting in Canada as demonstrated by surveys conducted in 2001, 2009 and now  2014, and having disposed of the opposition’s weak and quixotic arguments  against bill C-560, I turn now to two National Post articles here: (National Post, […]

VIDEO: South Dakota Focus: Shared Parenting

South Dakota Focus: Host Stephanie Rissler sits down with Tom Keller – Family Law Lawyer, Casey Wilson – South Dakota Shared Parenting, Grant Houwman – South Dakota Shared Parenting and Patty Riibe – Lewis & Clark Behavioral Health Services Shared Parenting to talk about Shared Parenting. Articles: Shared Parenting Signed […]