Nearly 15,000 People Sign Petition Asking United Nations to Recognize Parental Alienation 26

Ask United Nations to Ask United Nations to Recognize Parental Alienation As Violence And Abuse Against Children As Violence And Abuse Against Children


Professionals in different disciplines identified and defined Parental Alienation as the pervasive practice of one divorcing parent against the other parent to destroy the relationship of the targeted parent with his or her children. This is usually done with the intent to gain financial benefits in court.


Since 1990, the year that The Convention on Rights of the Child entered into force, a more pernicious form of Parental Alienation has permeated global societies. In order to comply with the yearly resolutions suggested by NGOs to the Committee on the Rights of the Child, States and their governments initiated, developed and sustained a persecution against parents to separate them from their children. Those resolutions are accepted unquestiongly and never contested.


Children Protection agencies are heartlessly taking children away from their homes and their parents, grandparents and family under the most unreasonable and heinous excuses in order to give them away to foster homes and adoption places.


This absurd cruelty and brutality has to stop now!


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26 thoughts on “Nearly 15,000 People Sign Petition Asking United Nations to Recognize Parental Alienation

    • darcy

      Who said anything about custody? We are talking one parent (mom/dad, gay/straight, white/black, young/old) brainwashing a child to undermine the other parent. Not custody!!!!!!!!!!! My son’s father is doing it and it Sucks. Not about custody lady

  • Melissa Buchner

    I was a child of parental alienation, and I watch it around me all the time. It is terrible abuse by the people who are supposed to love you the most. Please help the children. Make parental alienation a crime!

  • Darlene Monsour

    A Child deserves to be raised by both Parents..Children do have rights….. Shared Parenting not only works but the Childten raised by both parents are fully more rounded indivuduals….

  • stephen

    Stop parental alienation, stop the exploitation of divorced parents and children, support the 50/50 default for parents who can’t agree!

  • sarah tizard

    Kids need their dads and why do politicians not see this, its child abuse to stop a caring parent not to see the child come on sort this out!!!

    • darcy

      Why are u assuming it is the mother who is using PAS? In my case it is the father. And it is awful. Don’t assume that father’s have no rights. They do and they use and abuse just like other human who uses and abuses

  • Paul

    The problem is the alienating parent looks like a perfectly nice and loving parent to people outside the realm of all the damage being perpetrated to the targeted parent that always happens in secrecy. Behind closed doors and through text messaging and emails is where the alienating parent does all their damage. Its an insidious action of one aggressive parent towards the other. On the one hand, they make themselves look like the perfect parent and an upstanding role model in the eyes of the child and other people. On the other hand, they berate and paint the non custodial parent as evil and a bad parent so the child will reject the targeted parent. It happens over a long period of time and I like many other parents, did not see that it was going on until the damage was already entrenched in my child’s mind. Its a form of brainwashing…the same strategies are used by cults, but its much easier to brainwash a child. A child believes their parents 100% and a custodial parent has all the time they need to do all the brainwashing necessary. Its any wonder children that are alienated have issues about trust as they become adults. If you cannot trust your parent who can you trust?

    • darcy

      Thanks Paul. You Nailed it! Right on the head! They make the other parent appear to be “crazy” or “weird” because this is happening and NOTHING IS BEING DONE ABOUT IT. I heard with my own ears my son’s father talk very badly about me to him. Like my son was his friend and he was trying to get his “friend” on his side. It is awful behavior and I would love to see shoe on the other foot.

  • Angela C. Rios Bailly

    I need help I have 2 daughters one is 7 the other is 13 I also have a 18 son who now is leaving with me cause he doesn’t want to stay nor see his dad due to their fathers negative degrading comments of me, I feel like ive lost my daughter she is 13 and I know for a fact their father says these things including his new wife infront of my children. my 7 daughter says things that no 7 yr old kid should know but my 13 yr is always hustle towards me and always giving me a hard time about doing her chores yet when I asked their dad if she does this with them he states, no she is always doing her chores and never back talks. I started doing research on PAS and my daughter has all signs im concerned of her emotional well being and fear later on in her future she will completely be an emotional wreck please I need help

  • Anne Gardiner

    Children have a right to both parents in their lives; not only a right to relationship but an emotionally healthy meaningful relationship between the child and each of their respective parents. The victim of Parental Alienation is the child.

  • Leroy Bader

    Please help the children and show them that their voice does matter. Stop parental alienation. It is the worst form of child abuse imaginable and our kids deserve Love from both parents. not just a dollar bill